Thursday, December 1, 2011

My song


Joining in on Goodnight Moon's Link up again! Go check her out and join in too! It's a great way to get followers! And, of course, to find awesome blogs to follow. There was no true reason for this song other then me liking it so much. Sometimes I do feel the way she feels in certain parts of the song but like I said, for the most part it only has to do with me liking it so much lol. So, join in on the fun! Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Real Navy Wives...

They know better then to think their husband isn't going to come home and complain about their job in the Navy. A "friend" of mine seems to think that our husbands are to leave work at work and my jaw just about fell into my lap when I saw what she had written. ANY NAVY WIFE KNOWS BETTER THEN TO EVER THINK THAT! If Mr D didn't come home and complain at some point about his day on the ship I would have to take his temp. And I would wonder if he had really went to work that day.

So, she gets all happy because he came home from an underway EARLY then complains because he didn't clean the house while she was grocery shopping, rather he slept. She posted that she was going to yell at him until he finished cleaning. Good lord! If Mr D came back early from an underway I would let the poor guy have a nap, not snap on him for being tired. I am a stay at home wife and, well, cleaning and grocery shopping is SORT OF my job. She is a stay at home wife too so it BLOWS. MY. MIND. that she got so worked up over this.

What I find really funny and even Mr D agrees, is that I would never try to have him clean when he just got back from an underway. And, actually, it looks like a tornado rolled through here after he gets home. What we tend to do the day my husband comes back from an underway is relax. Period. I take care of the things that need to be taken care of during the day so we don't have to be interrupted at night when he is home.

Girl even went on and on about how she had to go out of her way to pick him and a few shipmates up because of them coming home early. How about the fact that THE DAY Mr D came home from deployment we took 1 friend to his car in long term parking THEN still had to take 2 more people home. Did I complain? After not seeing my husband in 6 months I REALLY was dying for some alone time with him but I sure didn't complain.

I really do want to delete this girl from my friends list but if I did I wouldn't have been inspired to write this today now would I have?

In other news: I never shared this with you guys but I miscarried early September. It was the most devastating thing my husband and I have ever been through and now we are TTC again so please send up a prayer or keep your fingers crossed for us. Heck, doing both would be even better.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sixteen and WHAT???

So, it's still Baby Bump month over on this blog, and Thanks to one of our readers:
 (I am linking her blog for all to see) I was inspired to write this new blog.

The last blog discussed the controversial issue of being TOO Old to have a child. I linked up TLC's documentary on this issue 70 and Pregnant, but what about the flipside?

What is too YOUNG to have a child?
Teen pregnancy is running rampid in America. It's everywhere you turn. MTV's 16 and Pregnant has already had 3 seasons with different girls each episode, and there is usually around 10 girls each season. That's 30 girls becoming famous for getting pregnant between the ages of 15 and 17. And it's not like it has stopped there. These girls get a follow up show, magazine covers, they attend club opening events, they get boob jobs, and modeling contracts.
Isn't this strange? Is this right?
Shouldn't we be saying something else. For example:
HEY, YOU! Why didn't you wrap it up?
Didn't you have sex ed? Did you ever try to talk to your parents?

I'm so sorry for you that you were young and naive and you didn't think that this could happen to you. I really am sympathetic to these girls because Don't we all think that? We all think that bad things won't happen to us. When we are young we all get that Hercules complex... Nothing can touch us, but it can!

And, I know that right there is the whole reason for the show according to MTV and these girls. I will give them credit for the fact that they are proving over and over again that Teenagers are Not invincible and it Can happen to you because after this week I realize just about EVERY female can get pregnant LOL. And, I will also give them credit for linking up with STAYTEEN.ORG

Now, as I bring this blog to a close, I will make a confession Mrs D. and I LOVE to watch 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom.  I know this is Awful to admit, seeing as how I disagree with endorsing these girls for the choices and the mistakes they have made, but I can't stop watching. It's like watching a train derail in slow motion. You can't turn away. You know it's a complete and utter mess. You feel guilty for watching someone's demise, but it doesn't stop you. And it hasn't stopped me from watching either of these shows...I'm hooked!

So, I will once again ask these questions:
Is it Healthy?
Is it Responsible?
Is it Financially feasible?
What type of life will these children have when they grow up?
And, who will take care of them when their parents can't?

Please keep those comments coming! I'm loving the feedback.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh Baby, Baby!

So, earlier this week on our Facebook Page we mentioned that due to Mrs. D's BIG news we would dedicate the next two weeks to Baby Talk.

So let's start with some of the basics... haha silly girls! I didn't mean Those basics... That is an ENTIRELY different conversation (one I'm sure we will touch in the near future, but not today).

If you are married, I'm sure you've thought about it, and even if you are not married, I'm sure it's crossed your mind ....When is the Right time to have kids?
Does anyone ask that anymore? Or do they just leave it up to fate, happenstance, God? I think some people plan it. I know I personally am trying to, PLAN having my children. The Mr. T and I (lol noone tell him I just referred to him as that, for that's definitly Not his initial LOL) have been married awhile now, and oh believe you me this Baby Talk has come up a few times, and let me tell you: THANK YOU MRS. D for making this topic come up a few more times lately! (Please insert oozing sarcasm). You see when your BFF gets a bun in the oven, and she's married a shorter time than you, oh, your "I don't wanna be an old dad" Mister starts talking babies again.

I will tell you right now. I don't have all the answers when it comes to having babies. I just know that I'M not there yet with my life. To me that land of being "ready for kids" is still like Never Never Land, it's a mythical place that I haven't found yet... and would be ok with Never Never finding it. LOL

Found this on Flickr... Love it.
 Ahhh, but here's the but, I do have some pretty strong opinions on when some people just need to give up the baby making, and say "that womb's run dry, shriveled like a raisin, and has a 20 year old spider living in it."

I was enjoying my morning coffee yesterday, watching TLC's Four Weddings, and lingered on the channel to find  this documentary. TLC presents: PREGNANT at 70.
Yes, readers that's right. 70!!!!

 I'm not making this up. This is True.
This is soooo ODD, and against so many of our ideas... let me name a few.
HEALTH, the health of the mom and the health of the baby.
FUTURE, what happens to baby when mommy dies in 5 years? Foster care?
BEHAVIORAL ISSUES, isn't this child going to need some therapy after people start questioning him about his parents?
RESPONSIBILITY, is it responsible to bring a child into this world knowing it is very unlikely that you will be able to raise it?

Ok, now that I threw out all of this, I will say the show actually tackles almost all of these issues in some way. And, even though being pregant at 70 when I'm supposed to be sipping wine in my rocking chair all day, is NOT for me, I must give these women some Kudos for even attempting this.

So let's open this up. SOMEONE PLEASE watch the show and Weigh IN! What do YOU think?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take A Quick Dance Over to...

Goodnight Moon and link up!
She hosts a song of the week link up every Thursday!
Goodnight Moon

Our song choice is a nod in the direction of our royal behavior:
Dancing Queen by ABBA

I'm totally joking about the royalty btw.... althought I will say that no matter how old we get as women, we are never Never too old to be treated as a Princess.

Dancing Queen has been a favorite song of mine since I was a child. My mother had me grow up listening to lots of 60's and 70's music, and ABBA  was right there in the midst of it. I'm not even sure anymore how it  became mine and Mrs D's song.... I can only imagine at this point that it has to do with endless hours of karaoke in my dormered attic bedroom. Every high school dance, every wedding, every night at the club or bar, somehow this song always made its way to our ears and then to our feet for an epic girly 3 minutes of dancing. Dance floors clear and Mrs. D and I sing and dance vivaciously.
The whole scene only becomes more boisterous when you add my mother into the mix, as she whoops and hollers with "her girls". I guess, no matter how old you become, Dancing Queen can turn any woman into a 17 year old girl again.

Have a happy jiving day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have wonderful news!

I, Mrs D, am... 8 weeks and 2 days PREGNANT! We have known I was pregnant ever since I was about 4 1/2 weeks. Yes, I am that lucky. My period is never late, so when it was 2 days late we decided to take a test. We are overjoyed! We have gotten to see the sack on the ultrasound but so far that is all. I have another appointment when I am 11 weeks and 1 day and we will see the baby in form and hear his/her heartbeat! We are stoked! I will be keeping everyone up to date :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lesson number 1: Ship whores

So, I would like to start by saying that I very much dislike ship whores. Whether they are cool people and they seem nice does not matter one tiny bit to me. If you sleep around, I don't like you. Period.

Now for story time...

There is a girl on Mr D's ship who has been married for years. She is pregnant. 20 weeks pregnant. Wouldn't you know they have only been back from deployment for 19 weeks? L.O.L. seriously?! I am wondering how stupid her husband is thinking it is his kid ESPECIALLY when he was gone for another week or so after they came back (he is in the Navy as well and was underway when they got back). The worst part? My husband thinks the only person she could have been sleeping with was... Are you sitting down?... A MARRIED man.

It's just great. Being the wife you hear more about the Sailors doing the cheating. It kind of feels good to be the wife even when we are being judged by everyone else under the sun saying we do nothing but cheat while our men are gone. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight *eye roll*

                                                             You are NOT the father!

         Anyway, so, lesson number one would be: Never trust a ship whore. Whether she is nice or not.